Koinonia - living life fully

What is Koinonia?

What is Koinonia?

We are a Christian student group in Central London exploring how to live life fully.

Koinonia [koy-nohn-ee’-ah] is a Greek word that means community.

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We are an international community of disciples on mission, building deep relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ


Our members come from different Christian traditions (Anglicans, Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Protestants) and we welcome Christians from all church backgrounds


We are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit


We seek to follow the Lord with all that we have


We have discovered how amazing life with Jesus Christ is and want others to give him a chance

Explore community with Christians from different Church traditions


The Venerable Roger Preece
Master of The Royal Foundation of St Katharine
Koinonia changed my life when I was a student 30 years ago and I am delighted to still see it thriving today. The commitment to supporting and encouraging faith in students is tremendous. I am still in touch with some of the leaders today and have a lot of respect for their calibre. The practical ecumenism really works on the ground and is a good model of how Christians from different denominations can serve together.
Fr. John McKenna
Parish Priest, Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate and St. Gregory the Great
I first got involved with Koinonia in 1989 when I was a student in London. I found this group of Christians to be very supportive and formative in my own journey of faith. More recently, I became an ordained Roman Catholic priest and I owe much of my spiritual and personal development to Koinonia. I am still in contact with many friends from the Antioch Community and regard them as part of my family.

Build relationships with students from all around the world

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Koinonia is a Christian student ministry and registered charity based at the University of London, Koinonia attracts members from many of the different colleges that make up the University. Some 400,000 students study in London, many from overseas. The result is an extremely diverse community of disciples from many different backgrounds, races and traditions.
This weeks #LegendOfTheWeek is @lu_haa_ we got his pal Nathan to share some words about him as he celebrates his birthday today! From the little time that I’ve known Luca, it’s obvious he has a huge heart for people. He is kind, genuine and always takes an interest in those around him. His strong dedication to doing whatever he sets his mind to, and doing it well, is also so inspiring – I’m always shocked when he tells us he’s finished his work months in advance of deadlines. It’s like some kind of superpower. It’s been great getting to know you over the past few months in Koinonia and small group!
HAPPY EASTER! Christ is risen! Today we have Peter sharing a little on the meaning of the day for him. 🐣
Blessed holy Saturday to you! Today we have Katrina reflecting on what this day means: Today, we contemplate Jesus’ death. We picture his lifeless body lying cold in that tomb. It is deeply unsettling to think that our saviours heart stopped beating and blood stopped flowing through his veins. He was as dead as we all will be some day.
Holy Saturday has always been striking to me. Each year, I find myself asking “what is it that drives me? What do I think I need to make my life worth it?” For many of us, we find ourselves looking to mortal things rather than to Heaven for what drives us. Our lives can easily become dictated by the anxious feeling of not having enough time. But today we take a pause to look at our own mortality.
There is something quite cold and dark about the reality of death. But in the face of darkness, there is always light. In my church tradition, we commence Easter on Saturday night with the vigil. We begin in total darkness and a fire is lit. The flame is passed to each person in the church until the room is filled with candlelight. Although each of us holds a small light in our hands, it is Jesus who is the light in the darkness.
Tomorrow, the tomb will be empty, and it will remain empty. When we meet our end on this earth, we will not be in a cold tomb. We will be in the arms of Jesus who loves us and has prepared a home for us. When we look to Heaven and to Christ, death has no power over us because Jesus is the one who guides us in love through each day of our lives.
Wishing you all a blessed and holy Good Friday! Today we have Monique sharing on the meaning of the day
Today we have Marco, part of the Koinonia team, sharing on the meaning of Maundy Thursday as we begin the Triduum - the three days leading up to Easter!
Amiel, a student at the University of Westminster and a member of Koi is reflecting for us on the daily readings for Holy Wednesday.

Today, we read about how Jesus showed his special love for Judas despite his treachery to Him. I sometimes think of myself as being like Judas. Judas has a disordered love. He has priorities in the wrong order, and I often relate to him. This wrong prioritization leads to unhappiness and disorder in my, our lives. Today, I look back to what I should be prioritizing first, especially this season: God. God always gives us His grace to follow the path that He has set for each of us. We may sometimes find ourselves in the wrong path, but we should always know that God is beside us in this long journey and He will help us. We should not be weary of all the things that is happening to us but should always be on guard in case evil will turn us from the love of God.

The Psalm for today is Psalm 70:1-5. This Psalm shows us how we should always turn back to God and not be afraid to ask for help during our times of need. It is when we admit to our vulnerability and our weakness that God will be able to help us most.

Let us not lose heart and always reach out to the Lord.

Today, let’s spend some time thinking how we can be diligent so we can always remember to call upon the Lord?

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