What is Koinonia?

We are a Christian student group in Central London exploring how to live life fully.

Koinonia [koy-nohn-ee'-ah] is a Greek word that means community.
o We are an intentional community of disciples on mission.
o We are ecumenical- our members come from different Christian traditions (Anglicans, Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Protestants) and we welcome Christians from all church backgrounds.
o We are charismatic- we are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
o We are a community- we want to build deep relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ.
o We are disciples- we seek to follow the Lord with all that we have.
o We are evangelistic- we have discovered how amazing life with Jesus Christ is and want others to give him a chance.

The Venerable Roger Preece
Archdeacon Emeritus of St Helens and Warrington, Church of England
Koinonia changed my life when I was a student 30 years ago and I am delighted to still see it thriving today. The commitment to supporting and encouraging faith in students is tremendous. I am still in touch with some of the leaders today and have a lot of respect for their calibre. The practical ecumenism really works on the ground and is a good model of how Christians from different denominations can serve together.
Fr. John McKenna
Parish Priest, Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate and St. Gregory the Great
I first got involved with Koinonia in 1989 when I was a student in London. I found this group of Christians to be very supportive and formative in my own journey of faith. More recently, I became an ordained Roman Catholic priest and I owe much of my spiritual and personal development to Koinonia. I am still in contact with many friends from the Antioch Community and regard them as part of my family.

Our Team