Koinonia - living life fully

What is Koinonia?

What is Koinonia?

We are a Christian student group in Central London exploring how to live life fully.

Koinonia [koy-nohn-ee’-ah] is a Greek word that means community.

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We are an international community of disciples on mission, building deep relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ


Our members come from different Christian traditions (Anglicans, Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Protestants) and we welcome Christians from all church backgrounds


We are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit


We seek to follow the Lord with all that we have


We have discovered how amazing life with Jesus Christ is and want others to give him a chance

Explore community with Christians from different Church traditions


The Venerable Roger Preece
Master of The Royal Foundation of St Katharine
Koinonia changed my life when I was a student 30 years ago and I am delighted to still see it thriving today. The commitment to supporting and encouraging faith in students is tremendous. I am still in touch with some of the leaders today and have a lot of respect for their calibre. The practical ecumenism really works on the ground and is a good model of how Christians from different denominations can serve together.
Fr. John McKenna
Parish Priest, Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate and St. Gregory the Great
I first got involved with Koinonia in 1989 when I was a student in London. I found this group of Christians to be very supportive and formative in my own journey of faith. More recently, I became an ordained Roman Catholic priest and I owe much of my spiritual and personal development to Koinonia. I am still in contact with many friends from the Antioch Community and regard them as part of my family.

Build relationships with students from all around the world

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Koinonia is a Christian student ministry and registered charity based at the University of London, Koinonia attracts members from many of the different colleges that make up the University. Some 400,000 students study in London, many from overseas. The result is an extremely diverse community of disciples from many different backgrounds, races and traditions.
Join us on Thursday for the third instalment of our Life in The Spirit Series, this week we have our very own Mike speaking to us about New Life!
This week’s #LegendOfTheWeek is Chris - wishing you an advance happy birthday for Sunday! We asked his pal Peter to say some things about him: It was a real privilege to have lived with Chris last year and face many trials, hardships and lockdown 1.0. Haha, jk. I would like to thank Chris for his friendship to me, and for the honesty he shows to himself and others. His ability to self improve and persevere, especially in his relationships with others despite the challenge, is really inspiring. I’d like to honour his natural creative ingenuity that has helped everyone, from boosting efficiency to quick problem solving… and a bit unmatched gameplay. He is a true Legend!
Happy Birthday to our Men’s Mission Leader! 🥳 here’s why he is #LegendOfTheWeek this week: Mike is very resilient, reliable and trustworthy. He doesn’t back out from a challenge, and we can always trust that he will do all his responisiblities well. This can be attributed to his confidence in God and trust in Him. Keep inspiring us men bro!
This Thursday is session two of the Life in the Spirit seminar. This week we have the wonderful Mercy speaking to us about what salvation means - you don’t want to miss this! It’s not too late to sign up, head to the Facebook event for more info and the zoom link. See you at 7.30pm on Thursday!
This is a very busy week over at #LegendOfTheWeek HQ. Today is Miriam's birthday so we just wanted to share a little bit about why she is such a great friend. Miriam is so open and easy to talk to and makes everyone she meets feel comfortable to open up as well.
She's genuine and kind and always up for helping out even when she has lot's of other things going on.
She's also such a talented musician with a lot of humility.
We love having you in Koi Miriam!
This week’s #LegendOfTheWeek is Calum!
We got his pal Gabe to return the favour and say some nice things about him and choose his fave pic. We love having you in Koi Calum!
Now Calum sure is a swell dude, endowed with many a talent. Photography, esoteric banter, the occasional sonnet, but the deepest of all these gifts? You guessed it. Friendship. What a guy, a dependable fella who's always there for ya. Totally dedicated and stubbornly focussed on whatever he sets his heart on. He's a rare type. Not just a legend for the week, a legend for a lifetime.

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