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If you are a student in any college in the London area, you're welcome to join us for any of our events. We welcome all students from all Christian denominations as well as non-Christian students.
Here's an idea of the things that we do:

Unless otherwise specified in the calendar, we usually meet in the Student Central building (Room 3A) on Malet Street (see map below).
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If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Where we meet

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Legend of the week! Michael Potter is not only one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet, but is one of the most genuine and loving people you will ever meet. His heart is big, so is his brain, and he gives without expecting anything in return. He follows where God calls him, even if it means sacrificing something big. Michael, it's an honour to know you and live in community with you! Legend of the week!

Today we want to tell you all about how amazing Izzy is! We've known Izzy since the beginning of the year, and it's genuinely a delight to have someone like her around. She's enthusiastic, talks to everyone, makes friends easily, and right from the beginning has always been willing to help out and get involved. Izzy also loves to talk to people about Jesus and what it means to live as a Christian. She's got a courageous heart and we're excited to see how God will use her! We love you Izzy! Legend of the week.

Do you have the desire to spend a year of your life, on mission, gaining some amazing memories and experiences along the way? Well, here's one answer! Do a mission year: have a chat with Nathan, Pete, Mica or anyone else you know who has done one and get there experience of their time on mission years and they well tell you how amazing their years were. Have a think, have a pray and take the step!

Legend of the Week time: James Mead you absolute legend! One of the most genuine, kind, funny and selfless people we know. This guy constantly is giving to help others and Koinonia, whether its time, energy, resources or talents. James is an incredible man and only have eyes for what God wants him to do. Not only is this man ridiculously smart, a physics genius, a fantastic musician and much more, he is a man after the Lord's heart. James, you Legend!

Time to talk about someone we love very much... Magdalena Gretzinger! We met Meggie in September, and she is pretty amazing! She travels all the way from Greenwich every week to come and be with us, and we are so glad she does. She's hard-working, kind, honest and a true friend. She also has the best laugh you've ever heard. Meggie is someone who wants to follow Jesus in every area of her life and it shows. She's a great example for others to follow. ALSO, it is her birthday on Monday, so make sure you say happy birthday everyone ;) Happy early birthday Meggie! We love you Meggie!